we applied the claim to the police about the fact of committing a criminal offense by Guck A. (URPI 120 151 001 0000 5194). It is holding pre-trial investigation at Present;
we applied the complaint to The Kyiv Higher Qualification disciplinary Commission of the Bar Association about Gucks actions. (There was a decision about stopping the right for attorneys practice for six months);
Conclusion from Chamber of discipline.docx
we applied to the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine for Gucks violation The Chambers Code of Conduct. (There was a decision of denying Guck from the position of a Head of the Committee on Transport and Logistics in Aviation);
Answer from American Chamber.pdf
we appealed to help to the Minister of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to help in the in conflict;
we arrested all movable and immovable property and use all possible actions for foreclosure of the part belonging to him in the 3-bedroom apartment;
we sued to foreclose on the total joint property with Gucks wife Guck Elena Viacheslavovna (founder and director of the company) for the payment of the value of the property LLC "Law Firm" ANTE ";
Law Firm Ante.docx
we sent letters to the world's largest airline with warning about possible rights violation and involvement as third parties in court proceedings because of Gucks debts;
we received from Kiev Obolon district court ruling on the limitation of the rights of Guck departure from Ukraine to fulfill its obligations to repay the debt.
other measures of influence that provided by Law for returning the huge amount of debt are preparing now.
Assumed Measures