The goal of our web-site is to warn people about dishonesty and unethical behavior of attorney

Guck Andrey Ruslanovich !

   This attorney borrows money from other people, using different reasons and doesnít return debts. If you are in the same situation, please, contact us and we will try to return Your and our money with cooperative efforts.
   My name is Degtyar Sergey Stepanovych. First time I met Guck Andrey in 2006. He was an employee of the law firm which provided services for our company. He was fair-spoken, polite, erudite and showed excellent knowledge of law and charmed all of our group. I made a friendly relationship with him, too.

   After a while, Guck began borrowing money from me. Owing to his financial problems in family and assuring to pay back in time. That money he returned but with big delays, as always, by the way.

   In 2009 he borrowed the significant amount of money from me. He wanted to buy a flat for his mother and assured me that he would return all money in a three months. He didnít return this money neither in three months nor even in
six years. The reasons not to return money were various:
- the whole amount of the debt was in the safe, but he lost the keys and couldnít open it;

- A man was driving to Guck with money, but broke his leg;

- He prepared the money for me but some ďserious guysĒ who had lent him money too,
  forced him to give them back all money he had, etc.
  I get tired of all those explanations and sued on Guck, then I won it. But during the trial it revealed that Guck A. R. didnít have a job, didnít have earnings, didnít have money on his bank accounts and he had only 1/4 part of flat.

   However, he was noticed at expensive restaurants in Kiev more than once, he was driving very expensive cars in a companied by very respectable people. Besides, he didnít seem to look like poor and unemployed.

   Eventually it became clear that I was not the only one creditor to whom he hadnít returned money. For today, I know five more persons who have the same problem. The money was borrowed already for other reasons:
- the help in solving problems at government institutions;

- the help in resolving problems of the executive service and courts;

- payment for wifeís surgery;

- payment for childrenís treatment;

- difficult family conditions, etc.
   Nowadays all creditors and I are people with higher education, intelligent, honest, having big life experiences, realize that Guck tried to suppress his dishonesty and unethical underneath charming, friendly, honest and reliable behavior.

   Mr. Guck hadnít complied lawful court decisions for several years. So Iím sure that Guck, counting on his higher law qualification and ties in judicial system believes that he is able to fend off all the creditorís claims.

   On 10/11/2015 Guck owned to creditors 2 401 510 UAH and 26 580 USD in total.

   We created this web-site in order to unit powers of all people who had been cheated by Guck to force him to pay all debts to his creditors.

   In the section of the web-site ďAssumed MeasuresĒ you can get acquainted with all steps have done and in the section ďThe DebtorĒ you can get information about Andriy Guck.